COVID-19 causing widespread and rapid school closures. Students across the country and world are being given alternate online resourcess to learn and study outside of the traditional classroom. Culture Collective Camps and Classrooms are here to support our families and students.





This online classroom is designed as a skill builder.

This program was designed to help students improve phonics, vocabulary,, concept and to develop simple reading strategies.

Our reading comprehension curriculum helps studnets process text and understand its meaning.

The objective is to sharpen skills and enjoy learning "more".


GRADES: 2nd - 4th

GRADES: 5th & 6th


GRADES: 7th & 8th


Culture Collective Camps and Classrooms have been intentionally developed to effectively impact and enrich the lives of its campers. 

During the summer, kids from low income, underserved or disenfranchised communities often loose grounds compared to their peers. To help give our kids a fighting chance at beating the odds and breaking cycles, Culture Colelctive Camps  and Classroome offer tools, resources, support and education.

Culture Collective Camps are accreditated and provide campers with high quality curriculms, enrichment programs, that helps close the gap in education, opportunity and achievement, while also providing fun and adventure.

Culture Collective Camps and Classrooms have been intentionally developed to effectively impact and enrich the lives of its participants. Our focus areas are creative writing, creative arts, reading, STEM, self esteem building, adventure, wellness, academics and life skills.


We take great pride in the privledge to provide high quality educational AND fun enrichment curriculums for children who otherwise may not have the opportunity to participate.

Culture Collective's creativity is key in achieving enrichment!

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