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Dear Girls Camp is an erichment sleepaway summer camp program for teen girls and women! We are intentional about creating exposure, interactive engagment and life skills to our campers. Dear Girls Camp fosters and strengthens a culture of integrity, perseverance, leadership, service and sisterhood. Oh and whole alot of fun!


Our mission is to break cycles of domestic violence, incarceration, homelessness and poverty.  Dear Girls Camp is devoted to providing direct services and mentorship to teen girls with emotional, social and financial adversities. With an objective to bridge the educational divide by increasing reading and writing literacy, as well as expanding creating writing skills in our girls. 


One leadership academy, (Dear Girls Academy, Inc.) is a major key to us to continuing to create impact. We utilize social impact, teen dating violence education, creative writing and the arts to educate and inspire teen girls. Through our curriculum, health and wellness education, signature programs, summer camps, pop up workshops, and resources countless girls are impacted annually. 

Regardless of our role we all have the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.  Simeaka Melton


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