Integrity. Leadership. Sisterhood. Service.

The purpose of Dear Girls Camp Alumni Association is to foster and strengthen our culture of integrity, perseverance, leadership, service and sisterhood!

Dear Girls Camp Alumni Association exist to support the organization's mission and goals, and to strengthen the ties between the alumni, the campers and the community. Dear Girls Camp Alumni Association reinforces and demostrates a culture of sisterhood and service.


Our Alumni are essential to our organization and have a great impact on the progress of Dear Girls Camp's impact. 

My story is simple... I was a young girl who suffered from low self-esteem. I needed something to help break the shell I felt trapped in for so long. Dear Girls Camp was that shell breaker. I was able to express myself without being judged, make new friends without being bullied, and embrace who I was without feeling doubtful. My experience at camp was apart of the growth I needed to to become who I am today.

Dear Girls Camp creates a culture of sisterhood by building relationships with the girls around at camp and outside of camp. We’re taught the importance of relationships and how to create that culture of a sisterhood that we can have for a lifetime.


It was my first time actually going to a real camp. Something told me I definitely had to go, so I went.It was last minute but I went. I had one of the greatest times of my life ever. I actually met my best friend here at this camp and we will be roommates at our very first place soon.

Dear Girls Camp is the ultimate girls experience because you make lifelong connections there.